The BPU Hearing: April 16th, 2017

In summer of 2015, the Board of Public Utilities held a hearing in which the public was allowed to express concerns regarding the construction of the Pinelands Pipeline — a pipeline that would cut through an endangered biodiverse area under state protection, would pose a risk to groundwater supplies, and brought up concerns about eminent domain and public safety. I distinctly remember when a gas company ruined my grandfather’s garden in order to put a small natural gas pipeline through it. Watching the sheer destruction of soil, and of healthy crops, in order to put toxic piping with yellow warning signs to mark the pipeline’s shallow grave will never leave my memory. That was the first time, as a child, I inconsolably wept for the planet.

On behalf of the Burlington County Young Democrats (an organization I helped co-found), fellow young progressive Democrats and I condemned the execrable risks that the pipeline posed to our community. As a farmer, I made sure to address the fact that this pipeline threatened the safety of the groundwater for my animals. I also made sure to call out the politicization of Hurricane Sandy as a means to justify the pipeline, and other regional concerns. Below, you will find a video of me addressing concerns to two women who sit on the board (one of whom is a Christie appointee).


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