Protesting Chris Christie in NH: April 19th, 2017

Throughout my involvement in the anti-fracking movement in New Jersey, the greatest obstruction we faced was, and still is, Governor Chris Christie. One day early in spring semester, I received a call that one of the Bridgegate reporters, and a top New Jersey activist, wanted to know if I would be interested in driving up to New Hampshire (from my college campus in Western Massachusetts) to protest Chris Christie the day of the Republican Presidential Debate at Saint Anselm’s College. That day, Jay, Emily (a college friend), and I drove across New Hampshire to follow Chris Christie at events and to protest his poor record in New Jersey. While Jay focussed on medical marijuana, Bridgegate, and other Christie faux-pas,  I spent the day speaking with reporters, and protesting, on behalf of Christie’s horrific environmental record — with the underline being his unwavering support for fracking. From his private function earlier in the day, to braving fervent RNC supporters, we were able to lead a successful protest campaign as Christie’s poll numbers sunk lower and lower. It was one of the few times where my residence in New England landed me in the center of New Jersey politics, and it was a great way to reconnect with the movement I had just left the month earlier.


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