Parliamentary Researcher: April 27th, 2017

Though I debated about incorporating a few more chapters into this blog series, my final installment in the collection will be what I am currently focussing on — my researcher position for two members of the House of Lords. Fortunately, because of my experience in writing and combing through environmental legislation, my Scottish boss, one of the primary actors in who helped improve Scotland’s green initiative, has me researching UN legislation, agreements, and documents to familiarize him with. For instance, for my first research project, I was to be well-read on the Addis Ababa Action Agreement, and was to extract useful information in order for him to deliver a sustainable development presentation in the Hague.

This is the first time, since I was home in January, that I feel like I have actually been able to make an impact in the Climate Movement — especially under the current administration. Unfortunately, it means having to do it for, and through, another country. While I eagerly await my next project, I am hoping that my new repertoire of UN climate legislation could be of use to the COP23 delegation.

[This post was updated in May to incorporate the new research opportunities.]


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