Why am I committed to climate justice?

  • As a farmer, I believe it is our job to promote sustainable agriculture, and to reduce the footprint of big agriculture.
  • As a white woman, I believe it is my responsibility to use my privileges to combat environmental racism, and to dismantle systemic injustices that disproportionately target low-income households, and people of color.
  • As a living creature, I believe that water is a human right, and that big polluters like fracking companies must be held accountable for their corporate greed at the expense of others.
  • As a bee keeper, I believe that we must reduce our dependencies on harsh insecticides. When the bees go, we go.
  • As an American, I believe that it is our responsibility to spearhead the fight against climate change, and to invest in a cleaner, ethical future for the planet.

I invite you to read my multi-part journey into the climate justice movement. Starting from April 11th, 2017, I began a daily blog that delved into watershed moments where I noticed an evolution in my identity as a climate activist.



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